Why do we need Sun Care, all year?

May 4, 2017


During the summer time and the sunnier months it’s fairly obvious what to do when it comes to using your sunscreen. The suns out and we can feel it on our skin. We can feel the damage (the burn) from the sun and know that in order to prevent this we must wear sunblock.


As for the cooler months of autumn and winter, even though we don’t necessarily see or feel the sun - it is still paramount to protect our skin with sun care.


To help us understand this, we must first understand a little bit about the sun.


There are three different types of rays that are emitted from the sun.


They are known as UVA, UVB and UVC rays...


  • UVB Rays are shorter rays and create damage to the top layers of the skin (Epidermis) and can create “sunburn”. This is what most people usually associate with ‘sun damage’ but it is in fact the UVA Rays that can be more harmful.

  • These UVA Rays penetrate deeper into the skin (to the Dermis) and damage the structure of the skin cell which in turn creates issues such as photo damage (hyper pigmentation) premature aging and skin cancers.

  • UVC Rays are completely filtered by the atmosphere and do not reach the earth's surface so they do not affect our skin.


Studies have shown that there is no change to the level of UVA rays being emitted from the sun during the winter. So even though the winter days are shorter and can be cloudy or rainy, just as much damage can be done to your skin during this time as in the middle of summer.


You may be doing all the hard work over the sunnier months, being diligent with your sun care to help prevent premature aging and photo damage – only for it to be all undone over the winter! Therefore, it is essential to use sunscreen throughout the year.




Recently Pure Indulgence started stocking Coola Sunscreen, a brand well known throughout the world - with many influential users.


Coola is cruelty free and certified organic. So it contains none of those “nasties” that more and more of us are becoming more conscious of putting on our skin and our loved ones skins.


It has a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protector so is perfect for wearing during both the summer and winter months.


Coola has a beautiful light consistency which does not have that typical greasy sunscreen feel and therefore doesn’t block the pores of the skin. This makes it easy to wear any time of year.


They offer a range of sunscreens that include; Tinted, Matte finishes, Moisturizers, Body sunscreen, Baby sunscreen, Setting sprays and BB crèmes that all contain a SPF factor to protect your precious skin - keeping it looking radiant, youthful and healthy.



Pop into Pure Indulgence and have a chat to one of our therapists about your sun protection needs - so you can protect your skins health, all year round.



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