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The F Word

Fat has often been advertised as the original ‘bad guy’ but in reality we need fat in our diets.

Not all fats are bad and some are even considered essential. Every cell in our body needs fat to function properly. We require fat to create hormones, absorb vitamins, reduce inflammation and maintain hydration in our skin. Eating the right type, and amount of fat is key to a better mood, glowing skin and can even help manage hunger cravings. A great Bestow recipe below for good fats.

There are three main types of fat...

Trans-fat, Saturated fat and Unsaturated fat

Trans-fat is the real bad guy. This type if fat is commonly found in processed food and has been hydrogenated, a process where hydrogen atoms are added to vegetable oils making them solid at room temperature. Even a small amount of this fat increases your risk of heart attack and stroke aand they also clog pores and congest skin. Trans-fats are found in margarine and processed foods such as doughnuts and potato chips. This type of fat is best avoided all together.

Saturated fat is next on the list. This type of fat is solid at room temperature and is found in meat, dairy products and coconut oil. Saturated fat is best consumed in moderation. While it plays a role in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins that are vital for skin health (such as vitamin A and E), over consumption can also lead to the same health risks as with trans-fats. Saturated fat holds up best at high temperatures (other types of fats can turn into trans-fat at high temperatures), making small amounts of lard, butter or coconut oil the best to use when roasting or pan frying food.

Unsaturated fats round out our trio. This group of fats can be broken down further into two categories:

  • Monounsaturated fat is the more stable of the two; it is liquid at room temperature and thickens when chilled. It is best used raw but can withstand low heat without degrading. These fats are considered healthy fats as they improve blood cholesterol levels and help to regulate blood sugar levels which mean we stay feeling fuller for longer! This fat can be found in olive oil, avocadoes and nuts.

  • Polyunsaturated fat is liquid at room temperature and does not thicken when chilled. It is a very delicate fat and should never be heated. These are the “good guys” and do wonders for the skin by strengthening the skin cell membranes, maintaining hydration levels, decreasing redness and inflammation and generally increase the skins overall health. They are also essential in healthy hormone production, proper development and functioning of the brain and nervous system, thyroid and adrenal activity, the regulation of blood pressure, liver function, immune and inflammatory responses. These fats are mostly found in plant based foods and oils.

These two types of fats are what we call Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s). They are named as such as they are essential for us to survive, however we do not produce enough of them naturally in the body.

The easiest way to get the adequate level of these EFA’s into our diet is through supplementation.

At Pure Indulgence we get our daily dose by taking our edible cosmetic Bestow Beauty Oil, it is our ‘internal moisturiser’ and after experiencing the results we are all addicted! The oil has a nutty taste and can be put in smoothies, spooned over yoghurt and fruit or mixed into muesli.

A delicious example of good fats at their best is in the Bestow Raw Chocolate Mousse Torte. This recipe uses saturated, mono and polyunsaturated fats and mixes them into a delectable dessert. A guilt free pudding that’s good for the skin – fat has never been so good!

Bestow Chocolate Mousse Torte


4-6 very ripe avocados

1 cup of raw cacao

½ cup of agave or maple syrup or a few drops of liquid stevia to sweeten

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

½ to ¾ of a cup water, added slowly to get consistency of mousse

½ cup of coconut oil, melted (optional)

1 dessertspoon of Bestow Beauty Oil

1 vanilla pod scraped (optional)

½ cup of fresh or frozen blueberries


2 cups of pecans

¼ cup of cacao powder

2 tablespoon of coconut oil

¼ cup of organic maple syrup

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

½ teaspoon of Himalayan or sea salt

Base method

Oil a 7–10 inch springform pan and line it with a circle of baking paper. Blend the pecans until crumbly (keep them a bit chunky) in a food processor. Add in the rest of the base ingredients and blend until just mixed. Press the mixture firmly and evenly into the pan with slightly wet fingers. Pop into freezer to set while making the mousse.

Mousse method

Blend all ingredients in a food processor except for the blueberries. Scatter the blueberries over the base and then spread the mousse mixture over the top and allow to sit in the fridge for an hour before serving

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