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Winter is coming…

Actually it’s here, and it brings some pretty harsh conditions for the skin along with it. So what do we do over the next few months to combat the blustery climate and prevent our skin from getting the winter blues?

We hydrate, we nourish and we restore the skin!

If you’ve read my previous articles you already know how important water is for the skin. A hydrated skin is a happy skin, however, drinking cold water in winter isn’t that appealing!

Lucky for us the Bestow team have created a beautiful range of organic herbal teas that not only hydrate the skin but nourish and heal it as well. There are five different flavours that are all caffeine free and rich in antioxidants for you to try. Puritea, with ingredients like turmeric and ginger for clear bright skin, is a favourite at Pure Indulgence. Beautea comprising of cinnamon, rooibos, nutmeg and black pepper is my personal favourite. It aids digestion for a healthy happy gut, which in turn leads to clear, glowing skin and it tastes sweet and spicy.

Now that we have our internal hydration sorted we need to hydrate the skin topically.

Soaking the skin is a fantastic way to do this. This ritual is done after cleansing the skin by filling a basin with warm water and adding a few drops of the Janesce soaking drop of your choice. You then submerge a soaking cloth in the basin and press it to your face taking a few deep breaths. This process is repeated 3-5 times and hydrates the top layers of the epidermis. Now is the time to apply your moisturiser as it will absorb better into a slightly damp skin.

This winter I have added Pure Fiji’s Dilo nut oil into my nightly routine, by mixing it into my moisturiser as a boost of extra nourishment for my skin. Dilo nut oil is fast becoming my latest obsession. The Dilo nut is native to Fiji and is used to sooth and restore tried, sensitised skin. At Pure Indulgence we use the Dilo Rescue spray as an after wax lotion to cool and heal the skin (we have also seen results in the treatment of sunburn and itchy bites). Pure Fiji have brought out a concentrated form of pure Dilo nut oil and since using it I have noticed my skin feeling softer, smoother and more nourished. I’m hooked!

Next on the list is to restore the skin and the best way to achieve this is sleep.

When we are dreaming our body is repairing itself, regenerating cells, creating hormones and reducing inflammation. There’s a reason why we look better after a good night’s sleep! It’s easier to get good quality sleep if you prepare your body for rest before getting into bed.

By combining the above you can create a lovely calming ritual for the end of the day.

After cleansing your face fill a basin with water and use the Janesce lavender soaking drops which repair the skin and calm the senses. Once you have soaked the face apply the Dilo nut oil and moisturiser mix to nourish the skin. Now that you have prepared your skin for bed find a quiet space (this routine may have to be done once the kids are asleep!) and sip a Bestow tea of your choice. Avoid devices and screens during this time as the blue light they emit wakes your brain up rather than prepare it for rest - try a book or a magazine instead. The last step is to set a nightly bed time and stick to it! Eventually your body will get used to this new routine and once you establish it dry, tired winter skin will be a thing of the past!

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