Perfect pre-Christmas Cleanse

November 21, 2017


At Pure Indulgence talk of summer, sun and holiday plans are in full swing. Spring has sprung and the countdown to summer is on. It’s usually around this time I realise too much nesting may have been done over winter and the thought of bikini season fills me with terror rather than excitement. But not this year, this year I had a plan! 


Janine Tait (creator of Bestow) and Jan Smith (creator of Janesce) have developed a 7 day detox programme. It is a cleanse that helps to flush toxins from your body, improving functioning of the liver and bowel. This in turn leads to clearer skin, improved immunity and increased energy and vitality. This cleanse is called the ‘7 Days of Me’ and I love it because unlike most detoxes and cleanses the focus is on health rather than weight loss. Instead of calorie counting and deprivation you heal your body with delicious whole foods.



The food, oh the food!


In the ‘7 Days of Me ‘ pack you receive a book filled with recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and tips for a healthier reenergised you. The meals are easy to make. You receive step by step instructions and they have even planned enough so you have leftovers for lunch the next day. The meals are tasty, packed with natural colour and because they are made from, unprocessed whole foods you stay fuller and satisfied for longer.


While the food is awesome there are some challenges throughout the cleanse. To accelerate the detoxification in the body, caffeine, processed foods and sugar cannot be consumed during the 7 days. If you normally consume high amounts of these you may have some withdrawal symptoms. I felt tired for the first three days and some coffee lovers at work also experienced headaches. Don’t let this put you off. During the first three days your body is flushing toxins from your system. If the 7 Days diet varies a lot from your normal diet it will be a shock to your body (but a good one!).

Day 4 is the day we all noticed the shift. It’s usually this time in the cleanse where your body has gotten rid of all the nasties and starts to function properly again. We all experienced an increase in energy (caffeine not needed!) and found it easier to get up in the morning. Cravings stopped, our skin was clearer and my mood improved.  


The cleanse also introduced rituals into my life which I really enjoy. Body brushing is a simple way to exfoliate and increase circulation. You receive a beautiful body brush in your pack and it is now part of my morning routine. Mindfulness is another awesome tool utilised during the 7 Days programme. There are pages within your planner that help you work on cleansing your mind also. We need to let go of negative self-talk and start retraining ourselves to a mind-set of gratitude and positivity.


After completing the 7 Days I felt like a new energised version of myself. My body felt nourished, strong and like it was functioning at maximum power. My mind set had also changed. I now have a new rule, whenever I start a self-deprecating thought I force myself to stop and instead choose something about myself I am grateful for. This simple process is tricky at first but over time resets your mind-set from a negative to a positive one. We don’t put our friends and loved ones down so why do we accept this negativity from ourselves?! This technique has completely changed how I view myself and I now laugh at the stupid things that stopped me feeling good in my own skin before.


I have also found the value of meal planning and preparation. It does take forethought and half a day in the kitchen but the prep made the week so easy. I knew what I was going to eat at each meal so the stress and frustration of ‘what are we having for dinner’ was gone. My initial start-up food bill wasn’t cheap but I saved money in the long run as there was no after work dashes to the supermarket or takeaways and once my pantry was stocked I found it easy to create cheap healthy meals. I also learnt to eat in season which is healthier for you, the environment and your wallet. Another added bonus was an improvement in my cooking skills! Janine Tait from Bestow has created a range of amazing cook books from vegetarian to baking treats that are all good for your body and skin. My pantry is stocked with these beautiful books and I am now confident using a whole range of healthy ingredients and love packing as much colour into my food and flavour into a meal as possible.


I really recommend doing this cleanse, the girls and at Pure Indulgence and I have committed to doing the 7 Days of Me cleanse twice a year as we found it so beneficial.


If you want to also take part you can get the cleanse packs at Pure Indulgence along with help and support, we’re just a phone call away!  



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