Fight For Their Life

March 26, 2018


"It is my pleasure to introduce you to you the newest member of the Pure Indulgence team to partake in our online articles – Natalie.


Nat will be sharing with you her passions, topics of importance to us as a team, massage rituals and general “good for the soul” pieces.


Nat’s first piece is about something that we hold close to our hearts at Pure Indulgence. We are beyond proud of Natalie and the incredible courage she is demonstrating to help bring awareness to an extremely worthy cause and fighting for those who need it the most."





Fight For Their Life


Anxiety, Depression and Suicide are generally taboo subjects in most civilized conversations. However, they continue to slither their way into our lives more and more often, both directly and indirectly. We need to be able to talk about it more. We should be making it a part of our conversation.  


On August the 11th 2018, I have signed up to be a part of a boxing charity fight to help raise awareness for anxiety, depression and suicide. This cause is very close to my heart for many reasons, as I am sure it will be to many of you reading this. Sadly, these issues are becoming an epidemic! It is way too common for people to feel this way.


We are fighting to raise awareness and funds for this cause in the hope that the more awareness we raise the more we remove the stigma associated with mental illness. We hope to make it easier for those suffering to speak up, have their voices heard and express their feelings without being ashamed of them.


There are 13 fighters, including myself, taking part in this charitable event. All of us have been touched in some way by Anxiety, Depression or Suicide, whether personally or through loved ones. There is an organising committee for this fight whose members come from the families of two young local individuals, Dylan Neil and Sarah Higgins, who tragically took their own lives. This event is dedicated in their honour.


As most of you know, Dylan Neil was the partner of our work mate and friend, Courtney Penny. Which of course, is why this cause is extremely close to all our hearts here at Pure Indulgence. We are so proud of how strong Courtney has been, she is a fighter in her own right and we will be here to forever support her.


I would like to say a massive thank you to the amazing Samantha Barrett, owner of Pure Indulgence as she has offered to sponsor me for this event! The sponsorship will be going towards our training, nutritional programme and boxing gear.


To our amazing trainer, Brownie Kingi! Thank you! Of course, none of this would be possible without his mentoring and support. Brownie tailors all of our group sessions to each individual, catering for different needs, fitness levels and injuries. He really puts his whole heart into his training sessions and is so passionate about what he does. It's an honour to be trained by him - even though my heart sinks every time he makes us do a 1,000 skip warm up!


I would also like to thank Megan Van Lieshout, owner of Soul Nourishment and organiser of this event. Turns out, there is a lot to organise for a boxing fight! She has been busy speaking with lawyers and a local Doctor here in Pukekohe to discuss where all the money donated will be going as well as running around sorting out venues, caterers, equipment, sponsors etc. all the while training to participate in the fight herself! None of this would be happening without her. She has put her entire heart and soul into this fight. Helping others is Megan’s passion and this cause is important to her on a personal level, having battled with severe anxiety for many years.


If you would like to follow our journey towards August 11th, jump on Facebook and like the ‘Soul Nourishment’ page. We really appreciate all your support!

I want those suffering with anxiety and depression, to know and understand that its ok, to not be ok and that there is help, hope and people willing to fight in their corner with them and for them when necessary. I need those who are suffering to know that they are WORTH fighting for. 


And that is exactly what I intend to do.


Natalie Potter



Left to Right: Ashleigh Olson (with her daughter), Terese Gillard, Megan Van Lieshout, Sean Bagshaw, Kathryn Woods, Anthony Bass, Sarah Poutai, Rachel Burrows-Chatwin, Edward Johnston, Peter Low. Front - Liv Loveday, Megan Ashe, Natalie Potter (Me) 




If you or a loved one is suffering from anxiety or depression call Lifeline:

0800 543 354


Or for more help lines got to:









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