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What is LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy (Light Emitting Diode) is a 100% natural, pain-free, chemical-free and drug-free means to combat signs of aging, acne and help heal the skin from the inside out.

We’re super excited to welcome the MILUX LED Light Mask into our spa! A new toy for us therapists to use to help you reach and maintain a happy and healthy skin!

Light therapy has been a means of promoting growth and healing throughout the years. Here’s a brief look at the history of Light therapy before we began using it in the Beauty Industry.


  • Light therapy has been used for healing throughout the ages and can be dated as far back as ancient Egyptian times (Healing temples dedicated to light incl. sunlight and coloured lights).

  • Interest in the healing properties of light therapy resurfaced when NASA began using LED lights to encourage photosynthesis and the growth of plant tissue in space.

  • They were then also used on astronauts to reduce space induced symptoms such as; loss of bone mass, atrophied muscles and wounds that would not heal.

  • LED light therapy has also been known to be used in the medical industry for encouraging new skin cell growth for burns victims.

  • Today, scientists are looking at its potential to combat everything from diabetic ulcers and Alzheimer’s to skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

The adoption of this technology by the beauty industry was inevitable, particularly with the industry making a shift to a more holistic and less invasive approach with the skin (“The slow beauty movement”).

So how does it work?

There are all different kinds of light that we are exposed to throughout our lives (sunlight, coloured light, infra-red etc) each type of light has different wavelengths that penetrate our bodies at different depths.

Each of the lights we use for the skin, penetrate the different layers of the skin to stimulate more efficient cell function at that level such as – healing, stimulating collagen production, increasing circulation to help “feed’” the skin and destroying the bacteria production that contributes to acne and breakouts.

How can this help my skin?

The Milux LED Light has 3 different lights:

It also has 3 different settings with a combination of different lights to target different skin types and conditions:

How will it work in our Facials?

The Milux LED light will work in unison with ALL of our product ranges. As well as the many listed benefits of this mask, it also helps allow the skin to better absorb ingredients, therefore promoting better penetration of product, meaning better results for the skin – both during your facial and at home with your regular skincare routine.

The light works best with accumulative treatments/skincare programme, meaning it needs to be done regularly to maintain optimum results. That being said it’s a great addition to have before any special event as a “pick-me-up” for the skin – as it will make your skin feel plump, hydrated and radiant instantly.

We currently have an introductory facial promotion with the LED Mask for March and April. “Summer Glow Special” 1 hour for $99! This is the perfect opportunity to experience this amazing mask for yourselves and see why we’re so in love!

If you have any queries on whether this skin treatment is for you, please feel free to pop in talk to one of the PI Therapists – we’d be happy to help!



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