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Holiday Skin Survival

In June and July last year, I was lucky enough to escape the winter blues and set off on a 2-month adventure to find some sunshine! Destinations included Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali and finished with an indulgent (excessive!) amount of pasta, pizza and cheese celebrating my friend’s wedding in Italy.

I had an amazing time but travelling for an extended period with a small suitcase forced me to streamline my beauty essentials. I wanted to nourish my skin with minimal effort and products. On returning home I was happy with my skin and found my simplified routine had worked a treat, so I thought I would let you guys in on my holiday skin secrets.

A lot of the work we do here at Pure Indulgence involves feeding the skin from within which we achieve with the awesome Bestow range from Janine Tait. There are, oils, powders, teas and recipe books which are fabulous but tricky to travel with. I love these products as my own skin has flourished since using them, so I wanted to find a way to take some Bestow magic with me.

The answer was ‘Beauty form Beneath’ these capsules are “a super-nutrient supplement for the skin with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients,” (60 capsules for $57).

These babies are packed with goodies for the skin that we often lack in our own diets (especially when your living off wine and cheese… when in Italy, am I right?! Sorry Janine!), they promote collagen production and enzyme action and also boost the body’s immune response (perfect for when you’re stuck next to someone with a cold on a 12-hour flight!). I simply took one a day after breakfast, easy!

My destinations were all in countries where

the weather was hot so I knew sun protection

would be a must. After suffering

a sun screen lotion explosion through my suitcase on a previous adventure I was keen to avoid that experience and Coola was the perfect answer. Coola sun screens are made with certified organic ingredients, come in a range of SPFs and smell delicious (Pina colada scent to get you in the holiday vibe anyone?). They also come in travel packs and they are a spray so are easy to apply and won’t leak through your bag while also being light weight! As I was using this product every day it was nice to know I wasn’t covering my skin in chemicals and best of all zero


The star product of my trip would have to be the Pure Fiji Exotic oil. I used this product for EVERYTHING, I was finding uses for it on a daily basis! This oil is a blend of virgin coconut oil, macadamia oil, sikeci nut oil, dilo nut oil and vitamin e. It promotes cellular renewal, provides hydration and protects the skin from environmental elements. I use this product normally after a shower, before drying my skin. It’s fabulous as an easy whole-body moisturiser which left me with soft smooth skin. On my trip I discovered it was also an amazing make up remover, face moisturiser, hair treatment and it smelt delicious, (there are lots of beautiful flavours to choose from) so it also became my perfume. From now on I shall not leave the country without a bottle!

On future escapades I now feel confident my skin won’t suffer. Bestows Beauty form Beneath will nourish my skin, Coolas organic SPF for protection and Pure Fiji to nourish. Bring on the next adventure!

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