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The "Slow Beauty Movement"

At Pure Indulgence we are undergoing a change, a slow change but a permanent one. A change towards skin healing and away from skin maintenance. A change to a beauty regime which works both topically and internally. The Slow Beauty Movement is here and we love it.Unlike harsh products of the past, Janesce and Bestow work with the skin and other body systems by healing the underlying issues. When dealing with skin concerns it is important to take into account the body as a whole, combining skin, gut, bowel, liver and mental health. Although this process takes time to see changes, the skin is restored at a cellular level giving long term sustainable results.

As a team we were becoming disheartened with the continual bombardment of harsh, chemically driven products. These products would drive an initial change but over time sensitized and inflamed the skin. We decided to re-evaluate our perception of natural skin care and holistic health by taking part in training courses and trying Janesce and Bestow products ourselves. Over time we all saw an improvement in not only our skin but also our general well-being.

The biggest surprise was how we developed a new found respect for the very top layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. For years as beauty therapists we have been removing or disrupting this layer, disregarding it as ‘rough dead skin’. We strip it with foaming facial washes and make up wipes, scrub it with rough exfoliants or remove it completely with microdermabrasion and chemical peels. What we now realise is that the stratum corneum plays a crucial role in the overall health of the skin as it is our first layer of defense against the outside world. It needs to be nourished and hydrated not scrubbed and stripped. We need this layer of the skin to be strong, healthy and present! It protects the underlying layers which are slowly maturing and changing as they move up towards the surface in the skins natural desquamation process.

The skin is made up of a series of layers which slowly harden as they move towards the surface. In a healthy skin these cells are organised in a uniform fashion enabling maximal enzyme activity. Enzymes act as the skin cells messengers conveying information up and down the layers of cells as to what they may require functionally when they reach the surface. When these systems are working optimally the stratum corneum is no longer dry, rough or congested but rather, smooth supple and glowing.

Another factor skin cells and enzymes need to be working at their best is hydration. Water is an essential element for skin (and overall) health and we need it both internally and topically. The upper layers of the skin sit on top of a water proof barrier. This means the water we drink will hydrate the skin cells below but not above this layer which is why we need topical hydration. Soaking is a ritual we have all adopted into our skin care routines to combat surface dehydration. After cleansing the face, fill a basin with warm water (add your chosen soaking drops), submerge a soaking cloth, press this cloth to your skin taking three to five deep breaths and repeat this process at least three times (we then lock the moisture in with a Janesce mist and moisturiser of your choice). The soaking process is done morning and night as these top layers of skin need to be re-hydrated every twelve hours.

Another distinguishing feature of the slow beauty movement is ‘Bestows’ internal health range which tackles skin care issues from the inside out. The skin is the body’s largest organ, however as it is supplied by the tiniest blood vessels, the capillaries, it is the last to receive oxygen and nutrients and to have its waste products removed. Therefore, if the overall health and functioning of the body improves so does skin health. Bestow has a range of oils, powders, supplements, teas and recipe books which all help to nourish and detoxify the body. When our system is sluggish we are not maximizing our natural elimination pathways, which leads to a slowing in the metabolism and the build-up in the body of waste products like excess hormones and toxins. The longer this waste sits in the bowel the more chance there is of the body reabsorbing it, putting toxins and waste hormones back into your system. The internal products from Bestow are helping us as beauty therapists by getting other body systems to function at optimum rates and therefore healing not only the skin but also improving general well-being.

Janesce and Bestow have changed the way we as beauty therapists at Pure Indulgence care for skin. We now look to heal the skin by treating the underlying and internal causes of conditions rather than just what we see on the surface. By treating the body as a whole, skin improvements may seem ‘slower’ but the results we are seeing are real and sustainable. We all know the saying, “good things take time”.

The slow beauty movement is powerful, why not try it?

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