• Samantha Barrett

Janesce Suncare Lotion Special

After my recent holiday in sunny Samoa, I have become obsessed with the Janesce Suncare lotion. It has become one my all time favourite products!

With naturally very fair skin and lots of freckles, I need all the help I can get when it comes to protecting my skin from harmful UV rays. With the combination of the Suncare Lotion and my Coola SPF products, I can proudly say that I didn’t get burnt/or even slightly reddened during my time in the tropics – which unfortunately, as hard as I try, is a rarity for me.

The Janesce Suncare lotion builds up your skins natural defense to sun exposure (after 7-10days of consistent use). It is made from a concentrated blend of organic plant extracts, carefully selected because of their ability to protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure, pollutants and environmental stressors that cause premature aging. Rich in Vitamins A, C and anti-oxidants, this blend is not only protective but healing, nourishing and anti-aging.

It feels silky, light and nourishing and can be used as a moisturiser for those or who have an oily skin or who prefer a lighter moisturiser, particularly in the summer months. With its vibrant, sunshine yellow colouring, and beautiful fresh scent, it literally looks and smells like summer in a bottle!

With summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start building that UV resistance with the Janesce Suncare Lotion. We have a Special running at the moment where you can purchase the Suncare Lotion for only $55! (Usually $63each). Be in quick as this offer will run only while stock lasts.

For more information on how the Janesce Suncare Lotion works, there’s an awesome Janesce blog here:


OR jump on Janesce’ Instagram: janescenz

And check out their IGTV Suncare Lotion Q&A

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