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LEVEL 3 & 4


Pure Indulgence must close its doors during level 3 & 4. We are able to continue online voucher sales and can organise product purchase and collection.

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The expiry on all vouchers will be extended by the amount of days we stay in level 3 & 4. If you were booked over this time period and have a voucher due to expire, it will be extended until your rescheduled appointment. If you cancel or move your rescheduled appointment and the voucher has already exceeded our leniency period, you can redeem the value of your voucher on product at your earliest convenience. Unfortunately we cannot continue to extend vouchers further than this as our backlog of clients is too great.


Bookings during lockdown Aug-Dec 2021

We decided because there was too many bookings (roughly 2000) to go back and rebook, so we require those clients to get in touch with us to reschedule those appts. 

We have taken financial situations and vaccination passes in to consideration with this decision. We didn't want to make it awkward and uncomfortable for anyone to have to explain to us.

PLEASE be patient with us.

Moving a week of clients means moving 200hours worth of back to back bookings across all of our staff. We can only begin to reschedule appointments when we are certain that we are moving to a level we can operate under again (no point moving appointments only to find we’re staying in level 3 & 4) 

As of Tuesday the 5th april, we will be excepting all vaccination statuses. No Vaccination pass is required. 

Last year, we had to shut our doors for near 3 months. As a consequence of this, a massive backlog was created. We are STILL heavily booked into the future because of this. More lockdowns create more of a backlog.

I understand that being an appointment based business, this is a good problem to have, but it is a problem none the less. It makes it extremely difficult to reschedule those whose appointments are affected by the lockdowns - as our next available appointment (one that also suits you) can be a month or two out.

For the most part, our incredible clients have been so understanding and all-round awesome but after all the lockdown this year and last year, we did have a few instances of inappropriate reactions and several opinions on how we SHOULD be doing things.

Please remember that every business is unique in how it runs. Without knowing the ins and outs of a business, it is inappropriate to assume that we are not working with our clientele’s best interests at heart. Any business owner would agree that ultimately, what's best for you, is best for the business. So it is my hope that with a better understanding of why we do things, we do not encounter any similar instances after this lockdown.

Here are a few things to mindful of before someone contacts you once we get out of alert level 3.

  1. Please remember we are a SMALL business. We only have 4 rooms available for use at any given time with a maximum capacity of seeing 5 clients at one time.

  2. We cannot be open 24/7. As much as our incredible team want what is best for our clients and for the business, with young families and other commitments of our own, the 4 late nights and weekend day we offer is often as much as we can give. 

  3. We have just as many clients who require morning appointments as we do those that need evening appointments - our hours reflect this. Yes, people come to us at 9am and yes, that is their most convenient time as yours may be 7pm.

  4. If we don’t call to reschedule immediately after the level change announcement - chances are we are probably in the process of calling the clients that were booked in before you AND/OR we are looking a head and calling some of our regular clients that may be able to move to a different time/day to allow a space for YOU sooner. (We have had many of our long time, loyal clients move around and/or sacrifice their appointment for the month, so that we can fit in a booking sooner that was cancelled during lockdown. We are forever grateful for you amazing people 😘). 

  5. We need to allow time for clients to get back to us to "OK" their new appointment time before moving onto the next person on the list. 

  6. Simply hiring more staff so we can open more days is easy in theory, however, ensuring that they have adequate training so they are up to our high standards of service, takes time and the right person. PLUS the cost of taking on a new employee and the additional training they may require, is something that we need to be mindful of. Particularly during Covid times, as the future for business’ such as ours is uncertain - we need only look overseas to see the devastation this virus has had on face to face business.

  7. If you do not confirm your appointment with us, our follow up confirmation text reminder is not intended to be rude. Unfortunately we have had too many instances of “No Shows” to not warrant having this. We need to be certain that you intend on attending your appointment, so as a business we do not bear the costs of A) the payment of allocated staff and/or staff being sent home due to no work. B) The product/equipment that has been allocated to you. C) The continued backlog affect on those who have been rescheduled due to lockdown (Who many would have loved to have the space you were in).

  8. Please maintain perspective. Through experience from myself and the rest of the team, it is extremely difficult to get into ANY appointment based business at this time. It can be weeks to see a doctor and months to see a medical specialist - as they too have a backlog to work through. We are a luxury business and although it is disappointing and inconvenient (for all parties involved) that we to have to move massages or waxing etc, it is an unfortunate reality that we are living in. However, it DOES NOT warrant yelling, name calling or general aggressive/inappropriate behaviour towards our team.

  9. We are all HUMAN. There is always potential for human error/misunderstandings from both our end and yours. 

  10. Finally, please be kind. These are stressful times for everyone! We are all just trying to do our very best ❤️

We thank you so much for your continued support, we appreciate you all and hope this lockdown ends as quickly as it came!

Please stay safe in your bubbles!

Sending my love to you all

Taylor and the PI Girls


What will be expected of me when I visit Pure Indulgence?


Your contact details including phone & email will need to be taken/updated in case of the need for contact tracing.


Please arrive 10mins earlier to your appointment – this allows us to try to stagger clients in and out as best we can. If you are late, your appointment will be shortened as it is imperative, we stick to finish times so we can carry out the appropriate cleaning protocols in between clients.


Please practice social distancing in our reception area and client lounge.


Please use the hand sanitizer available to you in reception upon entering the premises.


Please do not bring children, friends, partners etc. to your appointment – this is to minimise the amount of people coming and going from the premises and allow enough distance between clients and staff.

Please wear a mask if you feel you need to, in order to feel safe.

What protocols can I expect the staff at Pure Indulgence to follow to ensure my safety?

All staff are fully vaccinated for the safety of you and themselves.

Pure Indulgence has implemented a strict cleaning protocol to follow for before and after their clients in both treatment rooms general and reception areas.

All surfaces will be disinfected with anti-viral, hospital grade disinfectant including but not limited to; sinks, benches, tools, facial equipment, product bottles, door handles, light switches.

Gloves will be worn during appropriate treatments.

Disposable cloth coverings will be used where necessary and linens in contact with clients will be changed between appointments.

A mask will be worn by therapists, if requested.

Therapist’s are required to thoroughly wash their hands before and after your treatment.

Hand sanitizer will be readily available for your use.

Contact details of anyone entering the premises will be taken in case of the need for contact tracing.

Our staff will be required to stay home if they are unwell and will be tested for COVID-19 as per government recommendations.

Please Note: The health and safety of both our clients and staff has always been a priority at Pure Indulgence with most of these Health & Hygiene procedures already in place. We hope that the few added extras will not take away from your experience with us.

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